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CNC Preventative Maintenance

We offer Comprehensive Preventative maintenance programs that will not only help to extend the life of your equipment but also to help you meet compliance standards. We can custom tailor our maintenance program to fit any need or budget. We will also work with customers to answer questions that maintenance auditors might have about the work performed.

Every PM is followed by a prompt PDF copy of the report outlining service performed and identifying potential areas of improvement or red flag items that if left unattended will lead to future downtime and/or costly repairs.

Some of the key parts of our 70-point inspection:

  • Mechanical Accuracy
  • Clamp force of the drawbar
  • Lubrication systems of the machine tool.
  • Cleaning out way-covers to prevent damage from chip build-up and to inspect the ways
  • Battery Backups/Replacement
  • And many more

Please contact us for more information and to receive a copy of our report.